Windy Easter

There is something funny going on… I have tried twice to post a new post and it does not work…

I tried to post a photo and it got stuck, so now I will try it with just a little bit of text… and a small photo!

Today is a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine, warm but with a liitle problem: it is windy. It is so bad that I had to put the lilac and wisteria inside. They are now comfortably (ha ha) in the living room. I will leave them there until the wind has gone.



Sunny weather

We have a nice day here today. Lots of sunshine and my Wisteria is growing well:


I hope I will have lots of flowers this year…. Being on the 4th floor and in the wind it is not as evolved as the plants that are in the yards I see around here, as you can see, the leaves are tiny still, and my neighbour’s has much larger leaves. I’ll try to get a picture of it later…

I also planted freesias. The ones inside are much bigger than the ones outside, and I planted them on the same day:

IMG_0768      IMG_0767


I think I will have to switch them for a week or so!


I love cheese and most of all, I love melting cheese. One of the best cheeses to melt is mozzarella, right? So I made a little mozzarella and cherry tomatoes sandwich for lunch today:


Yes, that little red blob there is a slice of cherry tomato! It was yummy!


Some more cactus and lilac

The cactus has now lots of flowers open and I think I will have to move it to a bigger pot. It is crowded there!


The lilac is growing fast and I hope to see the flowers soon!


And on this picture if you look closely you will see my car as a little out of focus black blur… he he he…



Spring is here!


My lilac has lots of small flowers that will fill the air with a nice perfume very soon… The wisteria is also showing lots of leves and the rest of my plants on the balcony look bedraggled… This week end will be dedicated to fixing that. The sweet pea is quite small still and I hope it will bloom nicely again this year.

Me, the guinea pig…

I said nothing much happens to me…

Tomorrow something will happen: I have a friend who is crazy about make-up. She knows a lot about it, how to use it when to use it, in short, an expert.

But she is not happy with what she knows already and wants to know more… She is going to do a little workshop-like training and I am going to be the victim on whom all the new stuff is going to be tried on!

Tomorrow morning we will go there and I will take along my little camera and have her take pictures of whatever is going on. I will post them here (at least the ones I think are not too unflattering, he he)

At last a post…

Blogging or setting up a blog is not as easy as they say… You think you have it down pat and then… then it looks completely different from what you had thought it would and you kind of don’t like it.

Well, WP has lots of things that can be used to make a nice and fun blog (for the readers and for the writer!), so I guess I will have to check it all out.

This is all for today. I will now have a look around and see what I can do to make it look more like I had imagined it and less as how it is in reality… see you soon!