The make-up workshop result

This is how I looked at the end of the day. It was hard work… Joyce was the only amateur there but did really well!


The make-up workshop result

Me, the guinea pig…

I said nothing much happens to me…

Tomorrow something will happen: I have a friend who is crazy about make-up. She knows a lot about it, how to use it when to use it, in short, an expert.

But she is not happy with what she knows already and wants to know more… She is going to do a little workshop-like training and I am going to be the victim on whom all the new stuff is going to be tried on!

Tomorrow morning we will go there and I will take along my little camera and have her take pictures of whatever is going on. I will post them here (at least the ones I think are not too unflattering, he he)

At last a post…

Blogging or setting up a blog is not as easy as they say… You think you have it down pat and then… then it looks completely different from what you had thought it would and you kind of don’t like it.

Well, WP has lots of things that can be used to make a nice and fun blog (for the readers and for the writer!), so I guess I will have to check it all out.

This is all for today. I will now have a look around and see what I can do to make it look more like I had imagined it and less as how it is in reality… see you soon!